MacLaren & Partners have been heavily involved in the long income sector for clients ever since the business was launched in 2011 with the first transaction being the purchase of two large indexed linked supermarket investments for clients.

Long Lease Real Estate
Long Lease Real Estate has the potential to provide investors with secured, long-term, inflation-linked rental income, whilst retaining capital growth potential.

What is Long Lease Real Estate?
Investment in long lease real estate offers investors fixed income like cashflows derived from long-term contractual rental payments. It also retains the security and capital growth potential from owning the underlying real estate. The asset class of long lease real estate can therefore be viewed as a hybrid of fixed income and real estate.

Why Invest in Long Lease Real Estate?
Long lease real estate investment provides long-dated, inflation-linked cash flows that are underpinned by owning real assets. Investors, therefore, benefit from:

  • Secured fixed income-like cashflows
  • The potential for capital value growth over the long-term

Increasingly Long lease real estate has the potential for closing funding gaps, whilst matching liabilities. Long lease real estate can also offer good relative value versus all of it’s closest comparators: traditional real estate, corporate bonds and index-linked gilts.